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An Open Letter to Barack   Leave a comment

Hey…OK first things first. Congratulations for being the first black american president and “driving” the Bushes, Cheneys, Rumsfelds and all those Damned War Generals to the garbage dump. No. Really! Thanks!!

It had to be done and for it to be done by a brother just adds a twinge of poetic justice that makes me giddy at times. Sometimes I will sit and think of it..these high powered white dude, global power brokers siting around the cigar and whiskey parlor rooms “steaming piss”.. pissed off talking about how they got jumped by the negro!!

To me it is laughable and hilarious!! It makes me think of all kinds of bush-isms. I can just imagine the talk George W has had with his daddy and mommy.. HAHAHAHA!!  The “Bush dinner” with his mommy and pops after leaving the white house wherein George W is all mopey and shit and is being consoled by Barbara and Big Daddy constantly reminding him ..”we are so proud of you”..its not your fault….we ARE NOT disappointed in you!!! LMAO.

Here are some other thoughts; all those W stickers…don’t see as many as we used to see on the road.  On the other end of the spectrum I also think of the brothas sittin ’round in the man cave talking big time shit about how a half baked, soup bone, Hyde park uppity ass negro from Chicago shut down the biggest war machine EVER KNOWN TO MAN!

The Al Sharptons and Jessie Jacksons of the world got to be thinking.. he ain’t all black but I don’t give a shit, ‘He got THE job’. He sent the white, cracker ass crackers packin’ from the white house, Ha! He got the white house staff cooking fried chicken, collard greens and hot sauce on the table. He got his wife with her big ol ass right beside him and she is just as  smart and uppity as he is. Hell she probably ain’t black either.  Yes Ma’am..finally some spice up in here.. ’bout damn time, ’bout damn time.

There is an endless stream of black consciousness here! And hell I ain’t even black !! I can see the brothas smokin weed on the weekends and talking big time shit and laughin their collective asses off!! I MEAN LAUGHING their asses off. The kind where you are talking with your friends laughing so hard you cry and make a fool out of yourself.

Carrying on… the white house grocery list has changed!! Lets talk about what could be dropped and what could be added..using all the stereotypes available..
Hennesey/Woodford Reserve
Ole English 800’s in 40 ounce bottle/Bud Light (probably not, but I couldn’t resist)
Collard Greens/Green Beans
Jet magazine/Southern Living
watermelon/passion fruit
white bread/jewish swirled rye
chocolate milk/white milk 2%
chicken breast/lamb chops
plain old yellow cheese/$20 goat cheese
OJ/Ocai pomegranite(sp) juice
tabasco/texas pete
kibbels and bits/gourmet dog food
tortilla chips/cape code white cheddar popcorn
luzianne tea bags/earl grey tea bags
white trash bags/black trash bags < a lot of symbology there
the list is endless and pathetic!! Ha

and finally in closing I cant resist the change in playlists so here we go

beyonce replacing tony bennett
darius rucker replacing willie nelson
jennifer lopez replacing taylor swift
yoyo ma replacing wagner

1. I am white and don’t understand anything about racial relations and stereotypes
2. I am a smalltown white boy who dont know shit about politics and really dont give a rat’s ass.
3. I cant deny being an amateur racist but I can deny being a hypocrite!
4. I pray for forgiveness everynight at bedtime but that don’t mean I am covered on this one! Ha!



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