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Shape: Standard
Ring Gauge: 40
Length: 4 7/8″
Presentation: box is double stacked with each wrapped in white material between band and cigar. I’m sure there is a good reason to do this. Of course I don’t know what that reasoning is at this time.I recently purchased my second set of these habanos. These are hand made, tobacco is from the famous Vuelta Abajo Region; in the Pinar del Río Province of Cuba. Upon first puff this is a medium light cigar that burns well. The first and second third are similar to me. Not overwhelming but a great truly cuban smoke. For a small cuban this is a good cigar. I usually have a port or worst case a cold beer to go along with it. My preference is the good port but I dont mind a good cold beer with it as well. The main reason I re-ordered this cigar is that it is not a high maintenance, worrisome, gotta keep it lit. It has a smooth even burn all the way thru. The last thirds does not get harsh. Hints of leather, very light chocolate, earthy. This second purchase was two boxes of 25. Very nice. Cheers.

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