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Mr. Colin
Powell, please go back to your plush retirement foxhole and shut up!

Although I agree with your premise I do not agree that we should
… accomodate a religion that is deliberately anti-infidel,
anti-christian, and fanatically anti-semitic.

Militant as well as moderate islam is a religion that DOES NOT
tol…erate religious freedom and supresses womens rights (education,
free will to work, voting, every day decision making).

you not notice that we have been in a holy war for a few decades here!

know you didnt really do a whole lot during the first Gulf War but
surely you remember NOT having the intestinal fortitude of a seasoned
and professional soldier to accomplish the implied missions! I’m
thinking of imperatives like:

remove saddam from power

CROSS the Euphrates and Tigris! and capture Baghdad

re-establish American influence in the middle east

mix of politics, pseudo military machismo, hesitation, and lack of
relevance is apparent proof of your unsuitability for any future public

BTW: When you choose to take a stand on something! Then take a stand!

from the beast today:”Gen. Colin Powell, the retired chairman of the
Joint Chiefs of Staff and secretary of state under President George W.
Bush, said Thursday that the Islamic community center and mosque planned
near Ground Zero in New York City should go forward. Powell made his
comments during an appearance on ABC’s “The View.””The terrorists win if
we become terrified and . . . change who we are and what we are,”
Powell said, as he argued that it is crucial for Americans to remain
true to the values that set the country apart from the rest of the
world. “


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