Unexhalted Beautiful Women (UBW)   Leave a comment

While I am stuck on lists it would be wrong, dead wrong for me to dismiss a top 10 list of women who get very little PR and yet are smoking hot beautys…. and Yes I did tell Bhavna abouth this post already!! IMHO; Due diligence needs to be offered to non-american, non-white UBWs. An often overlooked ‘cat’-egory that shamefully goes un-noticed and ignored.

10. Michelle Rodriguez

9. Catherine Zeta Jones

8. Selma Hayek

7.  Halle Berry

6. Eva Mendez

5. Alyssa Milano

4. Deepika Pudakone

3. Alicia Keys

2.  Beyonce

1.  Line Gost

And so there we have it then. Stunning, “dark horses”-pun intended, unexalted, unforgotten, shaken but not stirred, flowing (not sure what I mean by that comment), regal and finally, here, heralded and appreciated for their beauty and hottie’ness.


Posted 30 June 2009 by chrismmm in lists

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