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This looks fun! In a rare natural event, the Pacific ocean on the coast of Australia near Sydney, has turned into what looks to be a huge 30-mile bubble bath!

Dubbed by locals as the “Cappuccino Coast“, the ocean foam (or bubbles) are a result of impurities in the ocean “such as salts, chemicals, dead plants, decomposed fish and excretions from seaweed”.


“It’s the same effect you get when you whip up a milk shake in a blender,” explains a marine expert.

“The more powerful the swirl, the more foam you create on the surface and the lighter it becomes.”

In this case, storms off the New South Wales Coast and further north off Queensland had created a huge disturbance in the ocean, hitting a stretch of water where there was a particularly high amount of the substances which form into bubbles.

As for 12-year-old beachgoer Tom Woods, who has been surfing since he was two, riding a wave was out of the question.

“Me and my mates just spent the afternoon leaping about in that stuff,” he said.

“It was quite cool to touch and it was really weird. It was like clouds of air – you could hardly feel it.”

Oh how I wish I was on that beach right now!

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