10 Things Happy Couples Do   1 comment

by Teresa, The CuteKid™ Staff


Some couples just have to seem to have that extra something that makes their marriage great. But exactly what are those secrets of happily married couples; what they do that others don’t? Read on for 10 activities that happy couples do.

1. Go to bed together. Going to bed at the same time shows that you want to experience the closeness that can only be found in bed. I have found that some of our best conversations occur with my head on my husband’s shoulder lying in bed. My husband likes to stay up later than I do. But he also likes to cuddle with me in bed. So sometimes he will
go to bed with me and then get back up after we’ve had our cuddle time.

2. Have shared interests. Sharing your interests & ideas with life partner is
one of the activities of happy Couples. Stay together find things that they both enjoy doing. Before we had children my husband and I enjoyed four-wheeling in my husband’s jeep

3. Hold hands. Holding hands shows that you are still in love. That you cherish just touching your partner and need that connection whether you are walking through a store or just sitting on the couch. Holding hands and walking side by side shows that you feel it is important that you are together in the things that you do

4. Focus on the positive. Remaining positive is one of the important secrets of happy married couples.. Everyone has something that they dislike about their spouse whether it is that he bites his fingernails or she spends too much money on clothes. But couples that are happy focus more on the positive things about their spouse than the negative. They look not at the few things their spouse does wrong – but all of the things that they do right.

5. Forgive. One of the hardest things to do is to forgive. But couples that are happily married forgive freely forgive each other. Not only do they forgive each other, but they also do not bring up past mistakes. Once the misdeed is forgiven it is also forgotten.

6. Say I love you. “I love you,” is a very important sentence for happy married couples they like to tell each other. When you say the words you are reminding your spouse and reaffirming for yourself of the love that you feel.

7. Communicate. Commmunicate to stay connected with spouse. Communication is a secret to remain a happily married couple for years. Couples who can talk to each other stay together. Being able to communicate means that you can share the good things and discuss problems without getting angry. It also means that you probably talk to each other throughout the day. My husband and I communicate through email and phone calls during the day then always take time to talk to each other every evening.

8. Compromise. Sometimes you will disagree and that’s when compromising comes into play. If both spouses learn to give then both will be happy.

9. Share affection. Giving affection through hugs, kisses, and touching, is important. It creates a bond and keeps the romantic feelings alive.

10. Show respect. Each spouse needs to respect the other and their desires. Mutual respect means that consideration is taken for the others feelings.

If you don’t already do all ten things try incorporating some of these ideas into your own marriage

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  1. This is a great post and thanks for posting it.

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