Georgian SF! Whats wrong with this picture?   Leave a comment

Georgia Halts Army Mutiny
Georgian special force soldiers train during a military exercise under Turkish military instructors supervision in a military base in Kojuri.

As an Ex-SOCOM guy lemme tell you a few things wrong with this picture and formation.

No far side (bottom left) security.
1 of six is carrying left handed. Need at least 2.
1 grenade could take out half the team.
1 Machinegun burst of 10 seconds! All gone!
If they are assaulting a building to the pictures front right then they are not in assault position.

Not one of these guys is aiming at anything.
number 3 guy has his head up his ass
number 2 guy! never wrap any kind of sling around your neck.
Wrong kind of camouflage.

Bottom line? I have seen paintball gun teams with better formation and techniques. SF instructors my ass. amateurish at best.


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